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A Storytelling Collective

Telling stories is central to the human experience. We recall, retell, relive our stories in community when we are vulnerable, truthful, and communicative. Telling stories is a way of teaching and learning and being and becoming. Verb exists as an authentic community that uses words and action to forge relationships of meaning. We are here to tell stories, real.

Spoken Word | Personal Narrative Storytelling | Poetry

Upcoming Live Storytelling Events

April 26th, 7pm, Catalyst Theater Company
(513 7th Street, Rapid City)
Story verb prompt is "Stand."

May 4th, 7pm, Dahl Fine Arts Center
(713 7th Street, Rapid City)
Adventure, Travel, and Sport Stories welcome!
(A collaboration with Rapid City Arts Council, Friends of the Dahl, and the Banff Mountain Film Festival)

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at The Cat (Catalyst Theatre)

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