Upcoming storytelling podcast prompts:

Disregard the dates on these images - we're online and telling stories based on these prompts for our podcast. Send an audio file to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Episode 10

You're here. Either saved or saving space or grace as you wander or wonder. What do you do with what you save. Yourself. Others.

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Episode 11

To bring back to life. Reintroduce as something new. Breathe a spark into. To be restored.

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Episode 12

When the veil is pulled back, when we find ourselves awakened. At a funeral. At a birth. Alone. Together.

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Episode 14

Thankful hearts and stories of thanksgiving. Gratitude as we speak truthful hope and remembrance.

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Episode 15

Let's look backwards and forwards. What do you dream for the future or remember, in secret, in the night?

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