We are Storytellers

What is a storytelling event?
The vision: Verb Storytelling Collective
Everyone has a story. Stories. Rememberences of ways they have been shaped and moved, grown and created. In today's world we've lost the simple joy of sitting and listening to other humans BE and BECOME. Verb seeks to set down our cellphones, look into our neighbor's eyes, and listen to stories that remind us we're all so very human, so connected, and part of this great humankind.

Story prompts help us create engaging events, monthly.

Visit our story prompt page to see upcoming events, story prompts for each event, and ideas to get your story-writing started. These are LOOSE prompts. You don't have to include the prompt word in your story - you don't have to do much with it, at all. We just hope it gives you a point of inspiration to begin telling us something that matters to you.
Authentic Tradition
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